Coaching & Training

Training is held each Thursday for U8-U16s starting 12 September 2019, 5.15-6pm. 

Little Athletics Chelsea provides weekly training during the summer Track & Field Season (October – March) free of charge to all registered members. Training is held at the normal Saturday competition venue in Edithvale. As the coaching provided is more event specific it is generally available only for the U/8 age group and above. The format will ensure that groups of athletes are formed into manageable sizes for each event covered at a training session. Coaching aims to tailor specifically for each age group and each individuals current ability.

Our Centre coaches are volunteering their time to support and benefit your children, your help would be most welcome. All coaches have a current WWC card.

The typical training format is Warm-up, Event Training and Warm-down. Athletes should bring a water bottle and eat before attending to ensure that they have plenty of energy to complete the session.

Parents who are not in attendance while their child(ren) are at training are to fill in the attendance register so they can be contacted if required in an emergency or if training is cancelled for any reason.

A training session may be cancelled due to inclement weather, i.e. either extreme heat or rain or both! It is important that parents do not just drop off their children without first speaking with the Coaching Manager to confirm that training will be held on that particular day. Advance notice of training cancellation will be advised on the website and Facebook site however this may not always be possible. Please contact Centre President Greg Russo (0419 090 458) to confirm if training will be held on any scheduled evening.

Becoming A Coach

The Centre is continually searching for members who would like to learn the craft of becoming a Coach so that we always have Coaches coming through the system replacing those that are leaving the Centre. Assisting our young athletes in developing skills is an important part of their development. Any parents who may be interested in coaching should contact Centre President Greg Russo. The Centre will provide information for any member to be trained to become a Coach via a recognised ATFCA (Australian Track & Field Coaches Association) course. Members who commit to coaching for a minimum qualifying period will be reimbursed any out of pocket expenses for the course costs.

agov Beginning Coaching General Principles Course

The Australian Government thru the Australian Sports Commission offers a course aimed at first time and beginner coaches. This course is provided free of charge to all persons with a valid Australian postal address.
The course provides for the first step towards accreditation to becoming a coach.

Athletics Play – Playing For Life Games Based Approach To Coaching

athplay Athletics Play
Athletics Play is a resource designed for use in the Australian Sports Commission’s Active After Schools Program. The resource was jointly developed by Little Athletics Australia, Athletics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission
The Athletics Play manual features an eight-week games-based activity program that focuses on the fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing and is designed to promote a teams-based approach to athletics that is exciting, challenging and fun.

Throwing Equipment Weights

The table below indicates the recommended throwing implement mass for the Discus, Shot Put, and Javelin field events for each of the age groups and genders.

Age Group / Gender Discus Shot Put Javelin
Under 6 – B & G 350gm 1.0kg
Under 7 – B & G 350gm 1.0kg
Under 8 – B & G 350gm 1.5kg
Under 9 – B & G 500gm 2.0kg
Under 10 – B & G 500gm 2.0kg
Under 11 – B & G 750gm 2.0kg 400gm
Under 12 – G 750gm 2.0kg 400gm
Under 12 – B 750gm 3.0kg 400gm
Under 13 – G 750gm 3.0kg 400gm
Under 13 – B 1kg 3.0kg 600gm
Under 14 – G 1kg 3.0kg 400gm
Under 14 – B 1kg 3.0kg 600gm
Under 15 – G 1kg 3.0kg 500gm
Under 15 – B 1kg 4.0kg 700gm
Under 16 – G 1kg 3.0kg 500gm
Under 16 – B 1kg 4.0kg 700gm

Hurdle Spacing & Heights

The table below details the Hurdle spacing and height requirements per Age Group & Gender.

Event Age Group / Gender Height Run In Spacing Run Out
60m Hurdles
(6 Flights)
Under 8 Boys & Girls 45cm 12m 7m 13m
Under 9 Boys & Girls 45cm 12m 7m 13m
Under 10 Boys & Girls 60cm 12m 7m 13m
Under 11 Boys & Girls 60cm 12m 7m 13m
Under 12 Boys & Girls 68cm 12m 7m 13m
81m Hurdles*
(9 Flights)
Under 13 Boys & Girls 76cm 12m 7m 13m#
Under 14 Girls 76cm 12m 7m 13m#
90m Hurdles
(9 Flights)
Under 14 Boys 76cm 13m 8m 13m
Under 15 Girls 76cm 13m 8m 13m
Under 16 Girls 76cm 13m 8m 13m
100m Hurdles
(10 Flights)
Under 15 Boys 76cm 13m 8.5m 10.5m
Under 16 Boys 76cm 13m 8.5m 10.5m
200m Hurdles
(5 Flights)
Under 13 Boys & Girls 68cm 20m 35m 40m
Under 14 Boys & Girls 76cm 20m 35m 40m
300m Hurdles
(7 Flights)
Under 15 Boys & Girls 76cm 50m 35m 40m
Under 16 Boys & Girls 76cm 50m 35m 40m

*LA Chelsea Centre Competition Only – Regional & State Competition distance is 80m
#LA Chelsea Centre Competition Only – Regional & State Competition run-out distance is 12m


Instructional Videos

The VLAA (LAV) have commissioned a number of instructional videos to be produced to raise the level of basic skills in young athletes in Victoria. The series is for the beginner athlete and parents to attain a competent level of expertise in the featured event.

The Centre has a number of these videos (DVD format) available for loan (at no cost) to any member. As more videos are produced these will be added here. Videos are generally available for hire for 1 week only. Videos are also available for purchase via the LAV site.

 Online Videos

These videos presented below are an excellent resource developed by Little Athletics Australia. They may be downloaded (mp4 format) and installed on an iPod/iPhone or other compatible type device. Videos open in a new window.
The following set of videos are designed for athletes who are just starting out or want to learn some basics of how to perform an event.
STARTED vid Introduction vid High Jump
vid Running vid Circular Throws
vid Hurdles vid Javelin
vid Horizontal Jumps vid Walking
The following set of videos are mainly designed for coaching athletes and are presented as a further aid for more advanced athletes or those that may wish to coach their own children.
COACHING vid Standing Start vid Triple Jump
vid Crouch Start vid High Jump
vid Running Technique vid Discus
vid Hurdles vid Shot Put
vid Horizontal Jumps Run-Up vid Javelin
vid Long Jump Take Off    

Sports Science

Access the Sport Science Webpage on the LAV site. Here you will find many tips and useful information into the different Sports Science areas to help improve the practices that you use and the performances that you want to achieve. Topics covered include: Preparation, Heat Illness, First Aid, Footwear & Injuries, Avoiding Injuries, Safety In Sport, and Eating & Drinking Right.


Junior Development Squad

Coaching and training is fundamental to improving athlete’s skills and technique. Many Centres offer coaching and training on a weekly basis after school hours.
Little Athletics Victoria also provides training and development programs for various age groups across the State. One of these programs is JDS. The Junior Development Squad (JDS) offers training and coaching programs for athletes in the U12 – U15’s age groups, who have met qualifying standards.
Training with other keen and enthusiastic squad members is both fun and motivational, and helps develop new friendships based on an enjoyment of athletics. The emphasis on learning new athletic skills, and improving existing skills, is in a friendly and supportive environment.

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