Regular Thursday training is held at the track from 5.15pm-6pm from October to mid-March. More information: 0421-732-449

Season Training

Little Athletics Chelsea provides weekly training during the summer Track & Field Season (October – March) free of charge to all registered members. Training is held at the normal Saturday competition venue in Edithvale. Dates and times will be confirmed in August 2020. As the coaching provided is more event specific it is generally available only for the U/8 age group and above. The format will ensure that groups of athletes are formed into manageable sizes for each event covered at a training session. Coaching aims to tailor specifically for each age group and each individuals current ability.

Our Centre coaches are volunteering their time to support and benefit your children, and your help to assist during training sessions would be most welcome. All coaches have a current WWC card.

The typical training format is Warm-up, Event Training and Warm-down. Athletes should bring a water bottle and eat before attending to ensure that they have plenty of energy to complete the session.

Parents who are not in attendance while their child(ren) are at training are to fill in the attendance register so they can be contacted if required in an emergency or if training is cancelled for any reason.

A training session may be cancelled due to inclement weather, i.e. either extreme heat or rain or both! It is important that parents do not just drop off their children without first speaking with the Coaching Manager to confirm that training will be held on that particular day. Advance notice of training cancellation will be advised on the website and Facebook site however this may not always be possible. Please contact our training co-ordinator John Tsiros on 0421 732 449 to confirm if training will be held on any scheduled evening.


Workshops will provide valuable training in how to conduct events and manage event sites safely for your athletes. It is essential all Age Group Co‐ordinators attend one of these sessions and we highly recommend all parents participate.

WORKSHOP DATES: to be confirmed