Videos – what we do

We invite families to view these Chelsea VIDEOS which provide an insight into our centre.

There is a WELCOME video (2mins 30 secs) with information about our centre, competition times and events, track safety and expectations.

There is also an OVERVIEW video (3mins 40secs) about our weekly programs and age group events, uniforms, t-shirt patch and member expectations.

A third video details the ROLES essential to keeping our centre running. We have no paid positions or supplied officials at Chelsea and the centre can only function with the assistance of volunteers, i.e. parents. A number of tasks need to be fulfilled to ensure that the centre runs efficiently resulting in maximum enjoyment for the athletes. To get an insight into many of the various roles we need filled to help our centre run – and how you can get involved, please view this third video (5mins 30 secs).

Thank-you to committee member Karla Wallis for taking the time to put these videos together (Nov-Dec 2020).