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Registrations for our 2019-2020 season will open in August 2019.  

Step by step guide to registration 

  1. Simply register via the official link on this page at any time of the season
  1. Either join as a full member (choose to pay), or you can do a free one week trial (choose not to pay)
  1. Attend our clubrooms at Edithvale Reserve to collect the official t-shirt patch. All athletes including those trialling require a patch.
  1. Uniforms can also be purchased, and new members need to bring a proof-of-age (e.g. passport, birth certificate) to verify your age group.
  1. Fully paid-up members can also get their free 50th season t-shirt (pictured above) when they collect their patch (subject to availability) or back pack and drink bottle.
  1. Each family (of a paid athlete) needs to nominate for three compulsory duties on our duty roster at the clubrooms prior to collecting the t-shirt patch.
  1. Arrive at the track on a scheduled race meeting. Details: 0419 090 458.

View the following FAQs for more information about registration…

When and where is athletics held?

Little Athletics predominantly runs through summer, from early October through to the end of March. The 2018-19 season commenced on Saturday 6 October for all age groups. Season calendar 2018-19

Competition is held on  Saturday mornings at our grass track at Edithvale Reserve,            Bridges Ave, Edithvale, for boys and girls aged U6 to U16.

Warm-ups start at 8.30am. Competition starts at 8.45am for all athletes.

Competition for U8s to U16s finishes about 11am. Modified teaching sessions and events for U6s and U7s run to about 10.15am.

Occasional twilight meetings are held on a Friday usually on a public holiday long weekend. Warm-ups at 5.00pm. Competition runs from 5.15pm to about 8pm (U6s-U7s finish earlier, about 7pm).

How do I register?

Registration is simply done using the CLICK HERE link at the top of this page.                               Returning athlete? Once you have accessed the Little Athletics Victoria Registration System to  re-register, choose the ‘Renew’ option.                                                                                      New athlete? To register as a new member access the registration system and select ‘Join’.                                                                                                                                                                                Once registered, all athletes must collect their official t-shirt patch from the clubrooms before the season starts.

How old do you have to be?

To register, athletes must be 5 years of age, and be under 16. Your age group is determined by month and year of birth. For the 2018-19 season, it is the athlete’s age as at 11:59pm on 31 December 2018 that will determine their age group. To see what age group you are in, see our Age Group Chart 2018-19.

Heading into this season, in line with the new statewide age group structure, current Chelsea athletes born during the period 1 October to 31 December will progress two age groups from the age group they were in for the 2017-18 season. Current Chelsea athletes born between  1 January and 30 September are not affected by the change.

How much does it cost?

Registration fees for the 2018/19 season have been frozen at $160 per athlete – there is no increase on last season despite extra events planned for our 50th season celebrations. The cost of registration is reduced to $100 per athlete for the second half of the season, between 1 January 2019 and 30 March 2019.

What will athletes do?

A typical season entitles an athlete to approx. 18 weeks of regular competition, consisting of interchanging weekly programs and events. Our U6 and U7 athletes start out with modified learning sessions as part of the popular On Track program. They will then move into various track and field events. 

As the children grow they are progressively introduced to more technical events such as high jump, triple jump and hurdles. Longer distance running events are also included.

At Chelsea, in addition to our regular weekly competition, there is our annual Ray White helsea Gift Day, Bendigo Bank Medallion Day, Jetstar Relaython, free training and coaching, presentations, regional events, and athletes have the chance to qualify for trophies and end-of-season awards. In addition, this coming season is our 50th season and special events are organised to celebrate. We believe this is terrific value for money, and on top of all of this – athletes remain active and healthy and make friends at the same time. 

What do athletes wear?

All athletes must wear the official Chelsea uniform. This consists of the Chelsea t-shirt or singlet, black shorts, white socks and runners. A black shirt can be worn under the Chelsea singlet. Uniforms can be purchased at the clubrooms. Shorts without pockets are recommended to prevent fingers potentially getting caught when competing.

Can I do a trial?

Yes, athletes are welcome to do a one week trial free-of-charge, however they must be registered on-line beforehand (for insurance purposes). Please register on-line, but choose not to pay. To trial, we encourage athletes to wear black shorts and either a red, white or yellow t-shirt (our centre colours). After trialling, athletes can simply pay on-line, purchase an official centre uniform, get their t-shirt patch, and start the following week to begin building points for end-of-season awards.

All new registrations and trial athletes need to provide a Birth Certificate for sighting at the clubrooms for Proof of Age requirements. If you have previously registered at the Centre, proof of age is not required.

What are parents expected to do?

The foundation of Little Athletics was built upon involvement of the family. Unlike many other sports, parents do and are expected to take an active part in the running of the events. This provides for great interaction with and enjoyment for children who really appreciate mum or dad or even grandparents being out there with them.  Please note, to further ensure our weekly program runs even more efficiently, each family is required to nominate three duties on our season roster located in the clubrooms prior to collecting an athlete’s official t-shirt patch. Program running times will become more efficient as volunteers familiarise themselves with events and duties.  Last season, Saturday programs were generally finished before 11am.

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